The Cause - Scott Petinga

The Cause

i now have this insatiable drive, this compulsion to create change. to be change. everything I pursue must have meaning and purpose beyond the norm.”


Like the late Steve Jobs, the status quo has never been good enough for Petinga. What Jobs has done with music and the phone, Petinga is looking to do in the philanthropic space. He saw the opportunity to do something different and radical with the creation of three non-profits of his own.

A humanitarian organization that provides grants and other program support designed to spark innovative ideas in underserved areas of housing and healthcare within the United States.

A non-profit organization dedicated to forging lasting memories for adults with life-threatening medical conditions.

A retail store that sells donated shoes to raise funds to support other top-rated, local charities.

Coming Soon

Being defeated is often temporary. Giving up is what makes it permanent.
- Marilyn Vos Savant

I’ve been on a mission for the last 10 years in search of answers to me not feeling like I did prior to having been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve traveled the country, sought after the top doctors and unfortunately have been left unfilled by the encounters.

But now I am completely ecstatic to be collaborating on and funding several clinical trials with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. One of which is to better understand testicular cancer’s impact on male testosterone levels and fertility after surgery.

I was extremely impressed with their passion, determination and most of all the chemistry between us. I’m truly excited to embark on this new journey.One in which we will challenge the status-quo, change medicine for the better, yet most importantly, vindicate so many other survivors (like myself). The symptoms we have/are experiencing are indeed real, not uncommon and definitely not a fucking figment of our imagination.While I have achieved success, this in particular, will become my greatest accomplishment.