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change is the fire that forges greatness.”

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The reason i celebrate my cancer diagnosis as opposed to when i was cured of cancer is because I did not start living until I found out I was dying.

About Scott

Scott Petinga doesn’t let much get in his way.

From overcoming cancer to building over a dozen start-ups and three non-profits, Scott has built a career on his ability to overcome adversity and achieve success. His drive and ambition are apparent in every venture he takes on.

As an executive, Scott has steered multiple start-ups from launch to maturity, resulting in combined revenues of $100M—but his life’s work is to leave his mark on society through building a portfolio of charitable businesses with a blend of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Coined “socialpreneurship” this approach fuses his business and philanthropic initiatives into one cohesive mission and vision.

But above all, he’s a man of action—driven to accomplish everything he sets his mind to. Never content with the status quo, he dreams big and executes bigger. Whether he’s enhancing revenue or streamlining business operations, Scott brings a keen eye for business strategy and brilliant marketing skills to the table.

Over the years, Scott has garnered a reputation for pushing boundaries in every aspect of his life. His ability to accomplish any mission, quickly and on budget, draws upon his training as a Marine and his commitment to working with the best people to get things done.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Scott is an accomplished author and public speaker who frequently shares his life’s wisdom and experience with nationally recognized publications (Forbes, Men’s Health, Thrive Global, New York Times, Fast Company, Esquire, HuffPost and Entrepreneur), as well as in his recently released memoir.

He lives between Minneapolis and Los Angeles and is a proud ‘girl dad’ of three pretty amazing daughters.